It’s always a good idea to write down your creative thoughts, but sometimes one needs a little inspiration. The galleries below pulled straight from my Pinterest account are just a few of the boards that help to spark that creative process within.

“Design” when it really comes down to it, is just a fancy word for great, creative, or well thought out ideas. This collection is used for inspiration when it comes to design, specifically the architectural, mechanical, and functionality types.


drawing STUDIES

It’s always a good idea to keep a few drawing studies on hand when sketching or designing. Currently, my focus for studies has swayed from architecture towards the human form and character sketches, but it’s still a mixed bag.


Inspiration can come from anywhere and anyone and this board is just that. Everything from characters, photography, and environments. These are the  images that resonate with me.


I have a relentless thirst for knowledge. Learning new tools, techniques, and skills to help kick the ideas out. Below you’ll find a host of resources that I’ve found to be among the best at helping artists in all capacity’s learn and create. (Disclaimer: I am no way affiliated with the content creators listed below. Any questions, comments, and concerns regarding their content, products, services ect. Should be directed to them.)

If your running Autodesks 3D Max and looking for a tool that might help speed up your workflow check out Script Spot. The community has been around for a while and there is alot of great tools available. LINK

Unreal Engine for Arch Viz

With the huge push for VR Software once used for Gaming, has now found application in Visualization. Here is a great Video on how to utilize Unreal for Arch Viz.