About Me

Artist | Designer | Mentor | Entrepreneur

I find myself dabbling in almost anything that allows me to be creative. While my training and education are rooted in Architecture and Interior Design I made it a point to learn the tools and techniques of many disciplines, just to capture the images and ideas in my head. I have an unbridled thirst for knowledge which sometimes feels like a curse, but with the guidance of some great friends and colleagues I have managed to learn a great deal and my creative outlets have expanded well beyond what I initially intended; Oil Painting, Clay Sculpting, Graphic Arts, Typography, Photography, Visual Effects, Web design just to name a few.

I guess I’m pretty lucky. Some people never find that passion, the love of something that drives them to better themselves, and for me its opened a great many doors. Helping some of the worlds biggest names, designing and visualizing some of the coolest and greatest projects. From the buildings and hotels you walk into when you visit Las Vegas, the homes that surround our community, and many projects that will never see the light of day; but still inspire..

For me; This is what it means to be an Artist.


because everyone needs alittle.

drawing STUDIES

It’s always a good to keep a few drawing studies on hand when sketching or designing. Currently, my focus for sketching studies has swayed from architecture towards the human form and character, but it’s still a mixed bag.


 Writing down your creative thoughts should always be high on your list of things to do, but sometimes one needs a little inspiration. The galleries below pulled straight from my Pinterest account are just a few of the boards that help to spark that creative process within.

Creative AwesomeSauce

Ideas can come from anywhere and anyone and this board is just that. Everything from characters, photography, and environments. These are the  images that resonate with me.

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